Choir meets for special services before worship at 10:15am with music director, Tom Keesecker.

Instrumental and Vocal soloists

Do you like to perform on your instrument or sing for an audience? If you are interested, please contact our director of music, Tom Keesecker, to schedule a time to play for church services, either in-person or pre-recorded for our online worship. Funds available for guest musicians.


Youth Sunday School

– Early Elementary ~ Meets the first Sunday of the month @ 10am with Pr. Chris, learning about stories and characters in the Bible.
– Middle School ~ 2 yr. Confirmation program learning and discussing theological concepts and the overarching scope, timeline, and history of the Bible
– High School ~ occasional meet-ups, usually once or twice a month, either on campus or at nearby coffee shops for food and conversation about the world and spirituality.
Adult Education Forum

Seasonal opportunities to gather and learn about contemporary issues, Biblical studies (characters, themes, books, and history), and theological concepts, nurturing and applying our faith in creative and sometimes challenging ways.

*Currently gathering on Wednesday evenings 6:30-7:30 pm during Advent (December) and Lent (February – March)*

Youth Fellowship & Service/Outreach

Youth Group

Our high school youth meet up the 3rd Sunday each month for fellowship and service opportunities, occasionally going on field trips and joining up with our faith neighbors.