Divinity Foundation Grants

Divinity Outreach Foundation

To Make a Gift to the Divinity Outreach Foundation

Divinity Lutheran Church’s Outreach Foundation encourages faithful Christian stewardship and enhances the outreach of the congregation by providing an orderly method for receiving and administering gifts to the church.  If you wish to make a gift to the Foundation, please contact Sheva Spanat 410-823-8293 or office@DivinityLutheran.net

Who Should Apply for a Grant?

Grant requests made to the Endowment are reviewed by the elected Endowment Committee.  The Committee seeks to carry out the mission of the Endowment as established by the Congregation.  Grants are awarded under the following guidelines:

  • attending a college, university, seminary, or other post-high school institution in pursuit of a Church vocation
  • attending church-related camping, leadership development or youth conferences
  • other training or education for the mission of the Church
  • for the funding of church youth outreach programs outside of the current operating budget
  • supporting social service agencies, institutions, and other assistance agencies
  • supporting special programs designed for those persons in our community who are in spiritual and/or economic need
  • providing temporary shelter, food, and clothing
  • supporting ELCA schools, colleges, universities, campus ministries, and seminaries
  • supporting ELCA outdoor ministries and other youth and family ministries
  • other projects as determined by the Committee and approved by the Congregation Council

How Are Grants Awarded?

Grants awards are determined upon the approval of the Congregation Council upon the recommendation of the Endowment Committee.  The Council meets bi-monthly and the Endowment Committee meets as needed to review Grant Applications.  Awardees are notified upon the approval of the Congregation Council.

How to Apply

Return the completed document to Divinity Lutheran Church via the mail or email

Grant Application

Endowment Committee

Heidi Surock, Chair
Tim Thomas, Secretary
Kathryn Tuttle
Pam Ouyang
Will Mosher
Katherine Ritterhoff (non-voting)
Pastor Chris Schaefer (non-voting)